4-5-10 Ikenohata Taito-ku Tokyo 110-0008
3 minute walk from Chiyoda Line ”Nezu” station
14 minute walk from Nanboku Like ”Todaimae” station
14 minute walk from JR ”Ueno” station
Access from Nezu station
  • Leave the station using exit 2.
  • Cross the traffic light in front of the exit and go straight onto the road on the right hand side of the dry cleaner’s on the corner.
  • At the next crossing, you will see a coffee shop “珈琲館” on the left. Continue straight and follow the road.
  • The street will make a right turn, and after about 20 meters, you there will be a small road on the left. Turn left here.
  • Follow the road for about 100 meters; the hotel will be on the right hand side. Please note that the road gets extremely narrow at one point, but please make sure to keep going straight. Right after you exit the narrow part, you will see a sign saying “KO CLINIC” on the right. After about 30 more meters, you will arrive at the hotel
Access from Keisei Ueno station
  • Please leave the station at the Ikenohata exit.
  • Once you are outside, turn right and follow the road for about ten minutes.
  • After 850 meters, you will arrive at a traffic light with a police station on the corner of the right side of the street.
  • Continue to go straight until you see a small parking lot on the left side. Turn left at the parking lot.
  • After about 100 meters, the hotel will be on the left.
    *Since the way from Keisei Ueno station and JR Ueno station is quite far, we strongly recommend you take a taxi to the hotel. The taxi fare is ca. JPY1000.
Access by car

Shuto Expressway Line 1 「For Tokyo」6 minutes from Ueno Exit

Access from Haneda Airport

Haneda Airport → JR Keihin Tohoku Line Ueno station (ca. 40min)

Access from Narita Airport

Narita Airport → Keisei Skyliner Keisei Ueno station (ca. 45min)