HOTEL GRAPHY併設のカフェ・バーGRAPHY NEZU CAFE & LOUNGEでは、三重の地酒屋「酒屋八兵衛」とSAKE WEEKを開催します!期間中、厳選された三重の地酒たちをスペシャルプライスでご提供します。毎日23時までオープンのGRAPHYのカフェ・バー。是非とも仕事帰りに、休日の谷根千散策の帰り道に、ご利用下さい。




GRAPHY NEZU CAFE & LOUNGE will organize “SAKE WEEK” with local sake brewery “Sakaya-Hachibe”. We will provide a nice variety of local sake from Mie area with special price during this week.  


We are also planning to have a Sake workshop on 15th of September. What is sake made from? What is the best way to drink sake? What types of sake are there? All kinds of question about sake is welcome! Please feel free to join us at GRAPHY NEZU CAFE & LOUNGE!