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Heiwa Slipper Pop-up Shop at Hotel Graphy Nezu From June 19th to July 20th, 2015


Did you know that house slippers were invented in Japan? When Japan started opening itself up, more and more people mostly from Europe and America came to the country. However, due to cultural differences, they would not take off their shoes when entering a house. To accommodate their guests better and at the same time hold on to their tradition, their Japanese showed their hospitality by preparing house slippers for them. Heiwa Slippers seeks to promote the image of house slippers internationally as part of Japanese culture. In cooperation with Heiwa Slipper, we are displaying a variety of typical Japanese house slippers, which naturally will also be for sale for guests who would like to take a little piece of everyday life in Japan home with them, or bring them back as a souvenir. Please look forward to these gems which have a become a staple in every Japanese household.